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How to Enable MAPS SPAM Protection in Plesk


To enable MAPS SPAM protection in Plesk, begin by selecting the server you wish to manage, then “Mail”, then “MAPS Zone”. The 5 major SPAM protection lists are listed below with a general description. Users can define which lists they would like to use:

1. Spamhaus block list (SBL) A free real-time DNS-based database of IP addresses of verified SPAMmers, SPAM gangs and SPAM services.
2. Arbitrary black hole list (ABL) Aggressive black list that may stop mail from popular mail servers (,
3. Domain Name System Real-time Black List (DNSRBL) List of IP addresses of machines that are either direct SPAM sources or Dial-up (dynamic address) pools which would never be a source of non-SPAM messages.
4. VOX DNSBL List of servers that send out SPAM, compiled by and it’s partners.
5. RFC Ignorant (Whois) List of IP’s that do not comply with RFC’s.

In the newer versions of Plesk, such as Plesk 8.1, they have renamed the “MAPS Zone” option to “Enable support for Trend Micro RBL+ Service.” If you want to enter multiple lists, separate the lists by semicolon. For example: “” or “;”.


2 thoughts on “How to Enable MAPS SPAM Protection in Plesk

  1. In Plesk 8.2 it’s named as “Switch on spam protection based on DNS blackhole lists”.

    Sometimes, you won’t be able to enable/disable this since the check box is greyed out. You can resolve this by installing the RPM psa-qmail-rblsmtpd.

    # yum install psa-qmail-rblsmtpd

  2. There is another way to use IP reputation lists with Plesk, and that is by using MagicSpam for Plesk. It is a simple and cheap way to reduce the overhead normal associated with Spam, plus reduces back scatter as it protects during the SMTP transaction. This might be a little advertisy, however it solves a lot of problems for Plesk users, and is much simpler to use and configure. It also comes with a free subscription to MipSpace and SpamRats IP reputation lists.

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