For Linux and Shell scripting.

6 thoughts on “Problems logging into Plesk because of IP restrictions

  1. Hi!! Mohammed,

    Nice blog .. It is really useful for me

    Arun Bagul

  2. Dear mohammed

    when i try to access server through c prompt it is not working .

    c:\cd server answer is

    the system cannot find the path specified

    can you pl explain how to access and correct the mistake on ip address block

  3. Krishnan,

    I didn’t get anything from your comment :(.

    The above mentioned steps are for Linux/Unix machines. If you can’t access the server, I can’t help you. But, if you have got into the server and the problem is only with control panel access, let me know the details. Explain how you are trying to fix it.

  4. Thank you, you are a life saver!

    Although not every step of the tutorial worked for me, I was able to update the ‘access_policy’ to ‘allow’, which restored my access to the admin interface.

  5. I used double quotes in mysql> update misc set val=”allow” where param=”access_policy”; and it worked. But the way it was typed it was erroring out.

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