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Webmail is not working for my domain. shows domain default page from plesk.


It’s because webmail support is not enabled in the mail preference.

Go through “Domains–>–>Mail–>Preference” and enable webmail for the domain. It should fix the issue.


10 thoughts on “Webmail is not working for my domain. shows domain default page from plesk.

  1. Hello sir,

    My domain have a sub-domain

    My problem is that all the mails are come through outlook. But when I write in browser as then the page displayed as Server not found.

    I can’t understand what I do for That.

    Please help me as soon as posible.


  2. Your subdomain “” doesn’t have a valid DNS entry. So is not resolving to any IP address.

    ]$ host
    Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
    ]$ host has address

    In order to resolve this, contact your nameserver authorities & Tell them to make a DNS entry for

    That should resolve your issue 😉

  3. I got the right answer.

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  5. We have created our domains in 1&1 name server and point out our domains to media temple(plesk server). while we doing that the 1&1 webmail is not working in our domains.i.e we can not send the mails to 1&1 webmail using php function. Is there any solution for it.

  6. thank you. Much appreciated, there are so many options with plesk it seems the obvious one are not seen!!!!

  7. am using joomla to creat a website. i am also create a subdomain like , ****
    how to add pages in that subdomain. am using server, i need url like

    thanks in advance…plz help me………..

  8. Hello

    I am using plesk and i have one domain

    it is working when i use but not working when i am using

    using plesk for web hosting

  9. Great that work many thanks

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