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How to flush ARP cache in Windows servers


Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a protocol for mapping an IP address to a physical machine address that is recognized in the local network.  The physical machine address is also called Media Access Control or MAC address. A table, usually called the ARP cache, is used to maintain a correlation between each MAC address and its corresponding IP address. ARP provides the protocol rules for making this correlation and providing address conversion in both directions.

ARP is very crucial for TCP/IP network communication. If you begin to notice network connectivity problems such as particular web pages not loading or not being able to ping certain IP addresses then clearing your ARP cache is a good place to start. The TCP/IP ARP Command component provides the functionality to add, delete, or display the IP address for MAC address translation.

To flush/Delete the ARP cache in Windows 2000/2003, run the following command;
netsh interface ip delete arpcache

Delete IP address using arp command
arp -d <ip address>

Display arp table
arp -a

Add static entry to ARP table
arp -s <ip address> <mac address>


14 thoughts on “How to flush ARP cache in Windows servers

  1. Hello Sir,

    I run the “netsh interface ip delete arpcache” from Cmd in Window Server 2000 but ARP cach can not flush

    please send me reply on my email


    Ajmal Kamal Niazi

  2. What does the command “netsh interface ip delete arpcache” return? It gives you any errors?

    Verify the ARP table before and after you flush it, using “arp -a” command.

  3. Hi and thanks for the tip! How do you specify which network connection with the ARP command?


  4. Actually nevermind! Found it 🙂

    arp -s eth addrs ip address [ip address of interface] for static entry of address object in either interface

  5. Hi there, my friend did what you said and found that his local connection started to work…but he still can’t receive any webpage….anything wrong? Thanks a lot in advance!

  6. from command line you can use

    c:\> netsh interface ip delete arpcache

    this will flush all the ARP cache

  7. I can’ even get into the arp cache using any of the commands you gave . I spent 3 hrs the last time I tried to sign on .I even went so far as to delete McAfee . At least I got on after 50 sec.

  8. Hello Mr. Mohammed

    I tried to flush ARP cache by the using above command but I couldn’t be. I am using Small Business Server 2003. Do you have other solution for this?



  9. hi all
    i wanna know that .how 2do flush arp cache in linux base.
    tanX 4 command flush arp in windows…….;)

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the tip, ahh and nice photos!!

  11. i want any solution or software of binding Ip with Mac in windows server 2003….plz give me any solution if any body have…

  12. Akhtar
    i have windows 2003 R2i tried the fllowing command but still sme problem, any body have any other solution.

  13. Stop and disable the routing and remote access service before you run the NETSH command and that should solve your error.

  14. Thanks Weegs…you know what you are doing Sir

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