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How to configure OutLook Express


Steps to configure configure Outlook Express.
1) Launch Outlook Express

2) Click Tools>>Accounts.

3) In the “Internet Accounts Windows” click Add >> Mail.

4) Fill in your username and Click Next.

5) Fill in your email address and Click Next.

6) On the “Email Servers Name” page, fill in the server information.
“My incoming mail server is a POP3 server.”

“Incoming Mail server”: –> Fill in with your mail server name.
“Outgoing mail server”: –> Fill in with your mail server name.
Now, Click Next.

7) In the account name field enter your e-mail address ( and the password below. Click Next.

8)Click Finish.

9) Take Tools >> Accounts >> Properties >> Servers
Enable the “My server requires authentication” option and click Apply

10) Click the Advanced tab,
Enable the “Leave a copy of messages on the server” option and click Apply.

Now Outlook Express must be configured for you to send and receive mails.


2 thoughts on “How to configure OutLook Express

  1. I setup the Outlook express as you listed. The next day I tried getting email and it said no mail was on the server. This went on for a week. I tried webmail and there was mail on the server. I opened up the Outlook properties and the POP3 mail server had, instead of I changed it and immediately got mail. The next day the address changed back to

    Any idea why this is happening?


  2. Curt,
    I didn’t have any such problems yet. Also, I don’t see any option that may cause such issues. I would suggest to remove the account and reconfigure it in Outlook Express.

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