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Delete lines between two matching patterns


Do you want to remove everything in between two matching patterns? Here is a bash script to do that. You can define the patterns in the variables PATRN_START and PATRN_END. The output will be printed to standard output (shell prompt).

You can download the script from here.



2 thoughts on “Delete lines between two matching patterns

  1. Here is a sed one liner to remove lines between two matching patterns.

    sed ‘/PATRN_START/,/PATRN_END/d’ filename.txt
    This will remove all lines in between PATRN_START and PATRN_END, including the matching lines. If the file contains multiple occurrences of PATRN_START and PATRN_END, all of them will be removed.

    sed ‘/PATRN_START/,/PATRN_END/{//p;d;}’
    This is almost similar to the above one, but won’t remove the matching pattern lines (PATRN_START and PATRN_END). All lines in between the matching patterns will be removed.


  2. Thanks, I was looking for the non-inclusive example. Here’s one which deletes the lines except the line with the exclude pattern.


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