For Linux and Shell scripting.

Linux File System

Linux File System Questions:


  1. Block Group, Superblock and Inode File System Structures
    1. What is an inode? What does an inode contain?
    2. How to see the contents of inode?
    3. Why file name is not included in the inode structure?
    4. What is superblock? What are the contents of superblock? How many superblocks can you find in a file system?
    5. How to find the backup superblock? How to force the file system to use backup superblock?


  1. Soft Links and Hard Links
    1. What are the differences between soft links and hard links?
    2. Why softlinks can not cross the file system?
    3. Why you can not create a hardlink to a directory?


  1. Journaling; Ext2 and Ext3 file systems
    1. What is the difference between ext2 & ext3 filesystems?
    1. What is journaling?
  1. What are the different modes of journaling available?
  2. Which journal type gives highest performance? Why?


  1. File System Check (fsck command)
    1. How to skip filesystem check (fsck) while booting into single user mode?
    2. What happens during a filesystem check (fsck)?
    3. What are different steps involved in a file system check (fsck)?
    4. How does the system know if it should do a file system check or not?


  1. File Permissions
    1. Explain the Linux file permissions
    2. When you execute the following commands on a Linux system, which will succeed? Which fails?

mkdir A; chmod 644; ls A; cd A

  1. What is the default permission for files and directories?
  2. How to change the default file / directory permission?
  3. How to change umask value?

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